Miss. Tanvi Shinde

Miss. Tanvi Shinde





3 years

Medical Education

H.P.T college Nashik, University of Pune


Masters in Clinical Psychology


Miss. Tanvi Shinde is a psychologist with bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from Pune University. She have been an intern at a psychiatrist for a while and earned a great amount of knowledge and practical exposure. I also have an experience of working with children when I was working as a school psychologist.My aim is to make mental health service through this platform affordable and accessible to everyone out there !


My Purpose

My purpose as a psychologist is to encourage mental health especially among the youth of this nation. My goal is to empower you with knowledge and insights which will help you grow and lead a positive life. As well as my objective includes destigmatization of mental health care around the country. I want everyone to seek mental health care with the same ease and comfort as they seek physical health care. As your therapist my job is not just to help you solve your problem but to educate and empower you to solve your own issues.


My Therapy with mental knots

With the help of scientific therapeutic techniques and well researched tool as a therapist i provide safe space where you can talk your heart out. With me its a safe space where you will be understood and actively listened. As a therapist i can offer an opportunity to tap into your inner ability to deal with your issues and provide you with skill set to process emotions and lead a meaningful life. I use ecelectic approach in my therapy sessions and i primarily use rational emotive behavioral, cognitive behvaioral, humanistic-existential approach as required to deal with the issue.

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